How to buy

How to proceed when ordering goods:

1. Select the product you are interested in from our offer.

2. Then click the “Buy” icon

3. If you want to continue choosing other goods, click on the “Continue shopping” icon

4. If you have selected all the goods you were interested in, please fill in the other data necessary to register your order.

5. For the method of transport, you can choose between delivery by courier or Slovak Post. You can also choose a payment method right away.

6. Fill in the delivery data based on whether you are already registered with us, or have not yet purchased from us, or you want to make a one-time purchase without registration. If you are already registered with us, log in using your login details. If you are purchasing for the first time, please fill in your contact information correctly using diacritics and upper and lower case letters, similar to a one-time purchase without registration. Please also note the delivery address, which you fill in only if it is different from the billing address.

7. After filling in the necessary information, click on the “Send order” icon.

8. The system will show you an overview of your order, which you can still edit. If the data agree, confirm the order in the last step by clicking on the “Confirm order” icon, where you do not forget to express your agreement with the terms and conditions that you have read.

9. Thank you for your purchase

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