Loyalty points

You collect loyalty points from every purchase!

For every full €1.00 of purchase above the minimum value (inclusive), 1 loyalty point is added to the buyer’s bonus account.

Financial value of a loyalty point: 1 point = €0.05. (20 points = €1)

Loyalty points will be credited only from completed orders.

Viewing the status of the loyalty account: After logging into the system, the buyer will see the total number of loyalty points currently on his loyalty account.

Redemption of loyalty points: During the purchase process, the buyer may or may not choose the option of redeeming loyalty points in the form of a discount deducted from the current purchase.

The buyer does not have the right to request payment of cash in the value of collected loyalty points.

The seller reserves the right to set a reasonably long protection period in the system. Loyalty points from each purchase will be credited to the buyer’s loyalty account only after the protection period has expired. If the buyer withdraws from the purchase (from the contract) during the protection period, the buyer will not be credited with any loyalty points that originally corresponded to the purchase in question.

The protection period for crediting loyalty points is currently 21 days.

If a legitimate claim for goods is processed in the form of a refund of the purchase price, the loyalty points for the purchase in question will remain unchanged on the buyer’s bonus account.

The seller reserves the right to add extra points to the buyer’s bonus account, for example, on the occasion of an anniversary or similar. The buyer is not automatically entitled to extra points.

If the buyer does not make any purchase within one year from the last purchase, the accumulated loyalty points will be deleted. After one year has passed since the last purchase and the deletion of accumulated points, the buyer’s right to use the deleted loyalty points expires.

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